Hull Warehouse Venue Saved By Local Producer

July 3, 2019



In an era where the uncertainty of clubs nights and venues hangs in the balance, it might be worth taking a look back at a simpler time. A time when the venue of an event was given out 2 hours before it began, a time when a sound system was made up from every amp, subwoofer and speaker available and a time when mobile phones were just an inconceivable concept that didn't plague every individual on the dance floor.


A time when warehouses were the home of raves. Up and down the country, warehouses were rented out across the UK countryside to pave way for weekend sessions. And in Hull, history has repeated itself.



Gate N°5 is well known in the Yorkshire town. An industrial warehouse spread across two floors and a courtyard, the perfect location for hedonistic energy and raw vibes. When the venue was threatened, one local hero came through and saved the party.


Tom Watkinson, part owner of the house and techno label, ILL|CIT, has taken over ownership and is looking to keep the party going.



Tom said: "It’s with great pride and excitement that I’ve taken the keys to the legendary green gates of Gate N°5. Upon hearing about it’s imminent closure, I literally couldn’t let it happen.

To see the place close would be heartbreaking to not just me but party goers from all over.

I felt It was essential to step in after what is continually circling news forums regarding the repeated closures of small independent music venues around the UK.


What the previous owners have accomplished over the last few years is something special and I want to build on the solid foundations they’ve established and continue the legacy for many more years.

I will admit, it’s a huge financial risk, but a necessary one.



I continually strive to make Hull an industry force for music. This project will give me the tools and freedom to ensure my commitment to making that happen.”








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