An Interview With: Dimitri Veimar

June 25, 2018



Bringing through the sounds of Russia, one man is stamping his sound throughout Europe, one track at a time. From St Petersburg to Paris, Dimitri Veimar is delivering that evil techno sound, which keeps crowds dancing at 5:00AM in the morning like a fresh of breath air across the dance floor.


So it was only right that we caught up ahead of his latest EP, Blaze. It's no mistake that this monster has been released on Turbo Recordings, so check out what he had to say below.


The new EP is out at the end of June, what did you want to get out of this latest release?

Well, I wanted to show the direction which I am going to be taking for the near future. Still raw and still electro but more broken beats.

We see that you’re playing in Barcelona soon, how do you think it will compare to playing in Russia?

I actually play more often outside, than in Russia. I would say that the atmosphere is similar, like most clubs around the world. People are both really open minded to new music and welcoming everywhere I have played.



Where did your journey in music start out?

It was maybe around the time that I was 8 years old, and my dad played me ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. I was so impressed especially by Heaven On Their Minds’. Still love this one. I guess you could say it introduced me to music, and then inspired me to learn more, both about artists, genres and production. Of course, as you research more you naturally are going to find out about so many more styles of music available and carve out what you love.

What’s the best club in the world in your opinion?

Wow, that's an impossible question. Clubs are all great, for their own reasons. But sometimes when they have everything right, and you have a good crowd and it all falls into place, that can make or break whether you remember that venue or festival being one of the best you played. I really do love Mosaique in Saint Petersburg, followed closely by Moog, Rex Club in Paris, and Salon Renate in Berlin.



What’s the worst thing that has happened to you whilst playing live?


It’s not a secret that for every DJ, when the equipment glitches and doesn't work how you’ve come to expect from it, it’s quite stressful. And of course, I can’t help but mention the time when there was a really wasted guy who fell down on the turntables from the big speaker near the DJ booth. That was a really epic fail.

How does the Russian music scene differ from the rest of the world?


Honestly, it's really expanding and growing fast, people are digging for new music, genres, artists etc and there're a lot of interesting gigs happening every weekend, along with new venues popping up all over the place.



If you could collaborate with anyone, who would you like to?

My big discovery for the past year is a guy who goes by the name of James Cameron aka PILO. We are actually already working on some tracks which we hope to have finished by the end of the year.


Check out Dimitri's latest release, Blaze, here.

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