In Review: No Better Way To Begin Festival Season Than With Forbidden Forest

May 15, 2018




The UK is a beautiful blessing of musical multiculturalism. There are dozens of sounds, bands, songs and clubs which have been curated, moulded and defined across the last 100 years. Across hundreds of cities and towns, music has changed lives and brought together people from all backgrounds.

So it's no surprise that our festivals are bloody fantastic.


Plain and simple, there's a special atmosphere at a UK music festival, something that you don't get at their international counterparts. Whether it's the national pride, the shared warm cider, or the growing frustration at a crowd shouting 'Whoop, there it is' every time DJ EZ drops a naughty garage banger. We're special.




And it takes a special kind of festival to kick all of this off. It took Forbidden Forest to kick all this off.


Yep, the beginning of May saw Forbidden Forest welcome in the next 4 months of hedonism across acres and acres of fun-gatherings dotted up and down the country.




With a lineup like this, you always knew that it was going to be a positive start to the season, but I don't quite think anyone could have guessed that it was going to succeed with such a solid 'let's fucking have it' approach.


Deconstructing the festival prior to kick off, things were already looking promising.

-5 different stages for a diverse selection of acts, DJ's and vibes to cater for everyone's needs. Check.

-wirelesss wristbands which let you pay for food and drink quickly and efficiently, cutting down queue times. Got it sorted.

-Easy access in and out of the festivals with organised staff on the entrance. Well in.

-Maximum effort put into the forest decorations to enhance the festive feel and party atmosphere of the entire event. Glittery yes.

-DJ Hype b2b Hazard, with Hazard playing Hazards still unreleased dub that he won't talk about or share officially. Hit the nail on the head.


 The girls from 'The Fantasy Tribe' showcasing how to pull off glitter at UK festivals this year. Check their page and products here.


Walking around Forbidden Forest it was clear that this isn't your standard 'day festival sponsored by one large drinks company so they can charge £8 for a small can of piss', like you might have grown accustomed to with other events over the years.


The organisers whole-heartedly cared about the wellbeing of the attendee's and the image they create. It gives off the vibe of a party in an actual forest, not some fake tree, gnome in a bush bullshit. It felt like the stages and paths were created around the landscape, not forced into nooks and holes.




Line-ups were solid from open to close, and there was a vibe at each and every stage throughout the day. No filler, no messing.


With acts like Solardo, Hype & Hazard, Hannah Wants, Skepsis and GW Harrison on the bill, the value for money was unbelievable. If you were one of the lucky ones who nabbed early bird tickets, you got in for the price of a small ASOS order. (now that's value for money.)



Now if you feel like you missed out at this one (trust us, you did if you weren't there) fear not. Because the lovely people over at Forbidden Forest not only kick off the season in style...they close it in style as well. THEY'RE ONLY PUTTING ON A BLOODY CLOSING PARTY. You can check out tickets here.

We'll be sharing interviews with the likes of Skepsis, Bru C and GW Harrison for the event very shortly.









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